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Tuesday 14 February 2017   
5.30pm - 7.00pmWelcome Reception
Venue: RMIT Swanston Academic Building (SAB) 80 Rooftop
Wednesday 15 February 2017
8.30amRegistration Opens
9.30am - 10.00am1.1.A - Official Welcome / Opening Ceremony

Room: Building 80, Level 4, Room 11
Chair: Billie Giles-Corti
Welcome to country - An acknowledgement of traditional ownership
Daniel Mulino MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Treasury and Finance of Victoria
10.00am - 11.00am1.2.A - Keynote Address

Room: Building 80, Level 4, Room 11
Chair: Kath Hulse
Dr Richard Ronald, Centre for Urban Studies, The University of Amsterdam
11.00am - 11.30amMorning Tea
11.30am - 1.00pmSession 1.3.ASession 1.3.BSession 1.3.CSession 1.3.D
Housing finance and developmentHousing and social diversity IHousing policy and governance IHomelessness and journeys home
Room: 80.02.01Room: 80.09.07Room: 80.08.10Room: 80.06.05
Chair: Charles WaldegraveChair: Alan MorrisChair: Carolyn WhitzmanChair: Rachel Ong
Maria B Yanotti, University of TasmaniaSarah Sinclair, RMIT UniversityLaurence Troy, University of New South WalesRosanna Scutella, The University of Melbourne and RMIT University
Who is a residential investor in Australia?Lone mothers, child support and housing transitionsRed herrings in urban renewal: Compact city planning and infrastructure efficienciesWhat do homeless people know? Using private information to predict homeless entries and exits
Andrea Sharam, Swinburne Institute of TechnologyCal Andrews, The University of MelbourneLarry Murphy, University of AucklandYi-Ping Tseng, The University of Melbourne
Can new understanding of markets and risk in the development process contribute to improved housing affordability?The loss of housing and home: Understanding the causes and consequences for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender AustraliansRealising capital equity for older home owners: Myths, realities, practicalitiesShocking health or health shocks: Does poor health precipitate homelessness?
Kaye Saville-Smith, Centre for Research, Evaluation & Social AssessmentBev James, Public Policy & ResearchCatherine Gilbert, University of SydneyGuy Johnson, The University of Melbourne and RMIT University
The architecture of decision-making: Uncovering the dynamics that inhibit us getting the housing we all say we wantWhere do retirement villages figure in housing choices?Addressing planning system barriers to new and diverse housing: Recent approaches in Australia, Canada and the UKHomelessness and incarceration: A reciprocal relationship?
Mike Collins, Moreland City Council and University of MelbourneVictoria Cornell, The University of AdelaideSean McNelis, Swinburne Institute of TechnologyGavin Wood, RMIT University & Curtin University
Maintaining a social equity focus for affordable housing outcomes - a local government experienceAged care choice and control for everyone: Who's thinking about the older renters?Evidence-based policy and Piketty's plightHow do housing and labour market affect homeless entry and exits?
1.00pm - 2.00pmLunch
2.00pm - 3.30pmSession 1.4.ASession 1.4.BSession 1.4.CSession 1.4.D
Housing Australia's Children: Research SymposiumHousing and social diversity IIHousing policy and governance IIHousing Supply
Room: 80.02.01Room: 80.09.07Room: 80.08.10Room: 80.06.05
Chair: Peter PhibbsChair: Sharon ParkinsonChair: Kath HulseChair: Robin Goodman
Emma Baker, Adelaide UniversityChristina YP Ting, Swinburne Institute of TechnologyCarolyn Whitzman, The University of MelbourneSteven Rowley, Curtin University
Housing Australia’s children and young people: Toward an essential policy and intervention evidence baseHousing consumption among newly arrived Chinese migrants in Melbourne: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable livingBenchmarking affordable housing policy: How can Australian governments do better?Housing supply in Australia: Trends and truths
Wendy Stone, Swinburne Institute of TechnologyGina Zappia, University of TasmaniaHal Pawson, University of New South WalesNicole Gurran, University of Sydney
Children's housing disadvantage: Changes over time and place (2003-2014)'Second-rate citizens and scumbags' ... How women describe themselves as long-term rentersBuilding Australia's affordable housing industry: Capacity challenges and capacity-enhancing strategiesPlanning regulations, housing supply, and the price of new homes in urban and regional Australia
Rebecca Bentley, The University of MelbourneBruce Tranter, University of TasmaniaEmma Fergusson, Massey UniversityRachel Ong, Curtin University
Are there lifetime health effects of inadequate housing during childhood?Young people living in QueenslandConverging agendas: Hybrid housing governance at Waimahia InletThe drivers of housing supply responsiveness in Australia
Panel DiscussionDaphne Habibis, University of TasmaniaJaimie Cudmore, McGill School of Architecture, Canada and Mike Collins, Moreland City Council and University of MelbourneTony Dalton, RMIT University
Why and how does children's housing matter and how can we address it using better evidence and policy responses?Examining housing reforms on remote Indigenous communitiesTalking about the blocks: "Play" in inclusive engagement praxis towards an affordable housing strategy in the municipality of Moreland, MelbourneSupply responsiveness within a differentiated institution
3:30pm - 4.00pmAfternoon Tea
4.00pm - 5.00pmSession 1.5.ASession 1.5.BSession 1.5.C
Housing metricsHousing and citiesHousing design
Room: 80.02.01Room: 80.09.07Room: 80.08.10
Chair: Wendy StoneChair: Laurence MurphyChair: Tom Alves
Kath Phelan, RMIT UniversityNicole Gurran, University of SydneyRhys Murrian, SGS Economics and Planning
Disconnect between policy goals and regulatory impact: Modelling residential dwelling supplies in MelbourneThe impact of the sharing economy on urban housing markets: A case study of SydneyAssessing the impacts of apartment design regulation: Findings and lessons from recent practice
Ryan van den Nouwelant, City Futures Research CentreLeila Mahmoudi Farahani, RMIT UniversityAlexa Gower, RMIT University
Improving metrics for housing affordability and housing stressDomestic gardens as urban green spacesDoes reality matter? Making the case for evidence-based apartment design guidelines
Terry Li, RMIT UniversityTrevor Kollmann, RMIT UniversityGreg Costello, Curtin University
Examining household relocation pressures from rising transport and housing costs - An Australian case studyZoning Out: Evaluating the price effects of zoning in MelbourneGood geography bad geography? Spatial aspects of first home owner incentive schemes
Thursday 16 February 2017
8.30amRegistration Opens
10.00am - 11.00am2.1.A - Keynote Address

Room: Building 80, Level 4, Room 11
Chair: Rebecca Bentley
Dr Dallas Rogers, Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney & Dr Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor (Economic), Reserve Bank of Australia
11.00am - 11.30amMorning Tea
11.30am - 1.00pmSession 2.2.ASession 2.2.BSession 2.2.C
Housing tenureHousing choiceHousing affordability
Room: 80.09.06Room: 80.09.09Room: 80.09.10
Chair: Kath HulseChair: Ilan WeiselChair: Wendy Stone
Charles Waldegrave, Family Centre Social Policy Research UnitKeith Jacobs, University of TasmaniaAshton de Silva, RMIT University
Social, health and economic impacts of housing tenureThe risks of relying on competition and choice as a rationale for housing reform    Homing affordability - more than just housing affordability
Alison Reid, Auckland CouncilCasimir MacGregor, Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ)Katrina Raynor, University of Melbourne
‘Gatekeeper and head sheriff': Attitudes towards owners and tenants among residential property managers in Auckland, New ZealandThe choice to exceed: Consumer perspectives on building beyond code in New ZealandCost benefit analysis indicators for government expenditure on affordable housing
Alyssa Cameron, Monash UniversityBev James, Public Policy & ResearchLyrian Daniel, The University of Adelaide
The Great Australian Dream; Is it a worthwhile aspiration? An examination of the economic welfare differences between renters and ownersMy home, my choices: Designing and testing a housing decision support tool with older peopleMaterial deprivation: Housing affordability risk made real
1.00pm - 2.00pmLunch
2.00pm - 3.30pmSession 2.3.ASession 2.3.BSession 2.3.C
Housing and social changeHousing and disabilityHousing & inequality
Room: 80.09.06Room: 80.09.09Room: 80.09.10
Chair: Hal PawsonChair: Lyrian DanielChair: Tony Dalton
Hazel Easthope, University of New South WalesPhillippa Carnemolla, University of TechnologyKath Hulse, Swinburne Institute of Technology
Where will I live if they knock down my block? Urban renewal and housing insecurity in the compact cityThe impact of home modifications on caregiving and health related quality of lifeHousing wealth and inequality in the late welfare state
Jennifer LR Joynt, Auckland CouncilIlan Wiesel, The University of MelbourneJulie Lawson, AHURI
Power relations in a pressured rental market: The role of property owners as rule makers and tenants as rule takersExpanding shared ownership by people with disability: Opportunities and risksFederal structures and social inclusion: Key stone or millstone for social housing provision and re-distributive justice?
Wendy Stone, Swinburne Institute of TechnologyAndrew Martel, The University of MelbourneDeb Batterham, Swinburne University of Technology/ Launch Housing
Housing living alone: The changing nature of bachelor pads and a room of one's own in urban Australia (1981-2015)Can Government supported home modification schemes for people with disabilities act as drivers of innovation for the housing industry?Homelessness as capability deprivation: A new conceptual model
3:30pm - 4.00pmAfternoon Tea
4.00pm - 5.00pmSession 2.4.ASession 2.4.BSession 2.4.CSession 2.4.D - Workshop
Emerging housing mix IHousing and ageingInternational perspectivesAustralian Urban Research Infrastructure Network
Room: 80.09.06Room: 80.09.09Room: 80.09.10Room: 80.08.10
Chair: Kate RaynorChair: Victoria CornellChair: Jaimie Cudmore
Deborah Levy, The University of AucklandEmma Power, Western Sydney UniversityMatthew Caulkins, RMIT University
The New Zealand: Holiday home or financial resource?Housing systems and an ethic of careLessons from an autonomous housing movement: The Squatter Movement in São Paulo
Lucia Wellington, Queensland University of TechnologyKaye Saville-Smith, Centre for Research, Evaluation & Social AssessmentHugh Byrd, The University of Lincoln
Six pack infillAffordability, health and renting for older New ZealandersMumbai: The metabolism of a smart city
Megan Nethercote, RMIT UniversityBen Phillips, Australian National UniversityFawaz Alasmari, University of Sydney
Fuzzy households in an era of urban growthDoes Australia have a housing shortage: Estimates of regional housing demand and supply for Australia 2001 to 2016Saudi Arabia policy challenges for a modern housing system
7.00pm - 10.00pmDinner Reception hosted by The University of Melbourne
Venue: University House at the Woodward
Friday 17 February 2017
8.30amRegistration Opens
9.30am - 10.30am3.1.A - Keynote Address

Room: Building 80, Level 4, Room 11
Chair: Carolyn Whitzman
Early Career Researchers Panel: The future of affordable housing – and affordable housing research
10.30am - 11.00amMorning Tea
11.00am - 12.30pmSession 3.2.ASession 3.2.BSession 3.2.CSession 3.2.D
Emerging housing mix IIHousing qualityGentrification & displacementHousehold choices and adaptations
Room: 80.09.10Room: 80.09.06Room: 80.08.10Room: 80.09.09
Chair: Hazel EasthopeChair: Charles WaldegraveChair: TBCChair: Ashton de Silva
Jasmine Palmer, University of South AustraliaKathleen Flanagan, University of TasmaniaRachel Maguire, Swinburne Institute of TechnologyKath Hulse, Swinburne Institute of Technology
Multi-unit housing provision: Consolidating the Australian Dream?'Adequately and hygienically': Substandard housing in the private rental market in the 1940s, 1970s and 2010sBelonging in Fitzroy: Public housing in gentrified neighbourhoodsUnder the radar: Home renovation practices in Australia
Christian Roggenbuck, RMIT UniversityMorten Gjerde, Victoria University of WellingtonAlan Morris, University of Technology SydneySveta Angelopoulos, RMIT University
New housing developments in suburbia: Catering for diverse aspirations?Working collectively to improve the quality and supply of housing in New ZealandDestroyed lives: gentrification and the displacement of public housing tenants from Millers Point and the Sirius Building in inner-SydneyBohemians, diversity and residential locational choices
Elinor Chisholm, University of OtagoLaura Crommelin, University of New South WalesAilsa McPherson, Swinburne Institute of Technology
Why private tenants do not report substandard housing: causes, implications and interventionsThese aren't the key workers you're looking for: Revisiting the key worker housing discourse from a central city productivity perspectiveHousing adaptations to contemporary social, economic and demographic changes: The case of renter-owner households in Australia
12.30pm - 1.30pmLunch Session - Housing Inequality Panel - ‘Housing Equity in 30 years: will it be solved, improved or worse?’

Room: Building 80, Level 4, Room 11
Chair: Ralph Horne
Kay Saville-Smith (Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment), Richard Ronald (International Journal of Housing Policy), Leanne Hodyl (Managing Director Hodyl & Co.)
Closing Remarks and Award Winners announcement