It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the official website of the 10th Australasian Housing Researchers Conference.


As Australia continues to develop as one of the world’s most urbanised nations, this much anticipated annual conference provides an key opportunity for housing researchers to share theoretical and empirical research with peers across a wide range of disciplines and to advance and debate ideas to help guide Australia’s future approach to housing.


This year’s theme, Global Inequalities and Housing: The Australasian Agenda, invites both established and early career researchers concerned with housing issues across policy and governance, design and sustainability, finance and economic, and quality of living.


Hosted by RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research (CUR), with the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University, AHRC 2017 will be held at RMIT University in Melbourne’s CBD.


On behalf of CUR and the organising committee, we’ll be delighted to see you in Melbourne 2017.


Professor Jago Dodson
Professor Carolyn Whitzman
Professor Kath Hulse

AHRC 2017 Co-Chairs


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